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Ealing Town Hall

JULY 2016

CCCE Salutes
We’re staying local to celebrate some home-grown talent and works made in our borough. On show are classic comedies and period drama from Ealing Studios, and films and television work featuring famous Ealing residents.
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On Friday July 8th as part of our July EALING REELS theme, we offer a tribute to the
late Ray Lonnen, star of stage and screen. Ray was an Ealing resident for many years
and still has family here. It's amazing to think we had a man of such immense talent
right here on our doorstep!
Ray's family will be present to honour him with stories and a specially prepared showreel of his work. We'll finish with a Q&A with Ray's wife, the actress and writer Tara Ward.
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Friday 3rd June
The Servant
1963 116 minutes
Directed by Joseph Losey, screenplay by Harold Pinter
Starring Dirk Bogarde, James Fox, Sarah Miles, Wendy Craig
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Friday 8th July
Ray Lonnen
Special event
a tribute to actor Ray Lonnen with talks and clips presented by his family. See more at the top of the page!

Friday 15th July
The Titfield Thunderbolt
82 minutes
directed by Charles Crichton
starring Stanley Holloway, George Relph, John Gregson, Hugh Griffith, Sid James

When the authorities order the closure of a railway line to a small village, the locals step up to operate it themselves, if they can fend off the saboteurs and competition from the bus company, and government inspections of their ancient train. With the focus on the little man up against the establishment, it shares its subversive social themes with the best Ealing Comedies.

Friday 22nd July
Saraband for Dead Lovers
93 minutes
directed by Basil Dearden
starring Joan Greenwood, Stewart Granger, Flora Robson

Set in the royal court of Hanover in the 17th century, this tragic romance is a historic tale of the arranged marriage and passionate love affair of Sophia Dorothea of Celle. Ealing Studios chose to make this costume melodrama their first film in colour, with a distinct use of Technicolor, and its big-budget luxurious production values were nominated for an Academy Award.

Friday 29th July
My Learned Friend
70 minutes
directed by Basil Dearden and Will Hay
starring Will Hay, Claude Hulbert, Mervyn Johns

When a criminal is released from prison, he targets everyone involved in the trial that ended with his conviction, and threatens to murder them with methods that make the most of his imagination and dark sense of humour. His former lawyer sets out to foil the plot and save his own life. Comic Will Hay’s last film is a jet-black farce, from the makers who would later create other killer comedies for Ealing Studios.
When a wealthy young idler hires a manservant, he insidiously upturns his household, lifestyle and relationships into disorder. As a psychological drama-thriller and dark comedy, this is an intricately photographed and sharply scripted work about class strife and power struggles. Winner of BAFTA awards and others for best actor, best cinematography and best screenplay.
...but first we return with The Servant
that because of technical difficulties we had to reschedule from last month. an amazing film. Spot on actually!
Please note we wll closed for August for our customary summer break
and return on Friday September 2nd
We wll closed for August for our customary summer break and return on Friday September 2nd